Come on Ladies, let’s show them!

Come on you fabulous Ladies of Liverpool, today is the day we show the rest of the country what we are really made of, so let’s make us proud!


Ladies Day at the Grand National is the pinnacle day for us Scouse-girls!  Days, weeks and even months have been spent leading up to this moment. Every item of clothing has been carefully selected, we are toned, buffed and polished to a inch of our lives and to be honest – we look pretty fabulous ….. then along comes the paparazzi who’s sole aim on Ladies Day is to make us look as horrific as possible.  They capture images that don’t even exist – like the one a couple of years ago of a female race-goer wearing an ankle tag, the image actually came from another racecourse! And the one of the lady falling over at last year’s races who ended up showing parts of her body no-one should see, who was actually heavily pregnant and hadn’t drank a drop of alcohol in months. But the likes of the Daily newspaper that rhymes with ‘fail’ and that other newspaper that should NEVER be allowed within 100 miles of in Merseyside are soooooo keen to publish these images and make ugly comparisons of the Ladies ‘up Norf’ to the Ladies of Ascot, despite this being further from the actual truth!


We were invited to a meeting with Aintree Racecourse back in 2013 who had made it their mission to stop this mis-leading reporting of Ladies Day.  Their advertising campaign over the last four years has concentrated on how fabulous Friday is and the dramatic and stunning image of jockey Katie Wilson has become an iconic image of what Ladies Day in Liverpool is really about. Very slowly the tide is turning and the tabloids that print the negative side of the races are facing a backlash.

So come on Ladies, make us proud, hold your heads high and let’s show them just how fabulous we really are because today is #fabulousfriday ……





The Ladies Day Best Dressed 2015

All images are taken from Aintree Racecourse Facebook page.


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