Bridal Bouquets

We all love flowers and receiving a bouquet of flowers will put a big smile on our face any day, so we have a lot to thank Queen Victoria for as she started the bridal bouquet tradition when she walked up the aisle to say “I Do” to Prince Albert.

Back in the day, the Victorians started sending their loved ones flowers as a way of showing their love, which then became a part of the wedding tradition when Victoria carried a tiny posy of flowers with moss and orange blossom on her wedding day.  The flowers represented love and the flower chosen by the bride became her flowers for life.

Ancient Roman Brides wore flower garlands to represent new beginnings, fidelity and hope of fertility and in the Middle Ages, strong-smelling herbs and spices were thought to ward off and drive away evil spirits, bad luck, ill health and help mask the smell of body odour (ergh!!).

Today’s bride still typically carries a bridal bouquet but for different reasons.  The bridal bouquet now includes flowers that match the colour scheme of the wedding and more often than not, to match the dress.  Holding a bouquet can also feel very reassuring to the bride, it can be unnerving to walk into a room with everyone looking at you and having a bouquet to hold can help more than you can imagine!

Bouquets also no longer need to be seasonal flowers – if the bride wants sunflowers in December, it will be difficult and pricey but it can be done. The florist will make your bouquet either from your choice of flowers or will find the flowers to match your colour scheme.

But bridal bouquets have come a long way since the Victorian-era and now come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Classical hand-tied bouquets can have a twist added with a bit of bling. Bouquets can be big, beautiful and bold as a statement piece. Or dare to be different with a contemporary bouquet that is delicately designed.

And don’t forget a bouquet is not just an afterthought:

  1. Take your time when choosing your florist to ensure they understand your vision
  2. Ask about the weight of the bouquet – statement pieces look amazing but don’t underestimate just how heavy they are to carry
  3. Fresh flowers are beautiful but won’t last so why not have artificial flowers which look just like the real-deal and you can keep forever
  4. Think about your wedding venue and how you will get there. If your wedding ceremony isn’t local then think about using a florist nearer to the venue or find out how far you preferred florist will travel to deliver the flowers.
  5. Getting married aboard? Relying on a florist when you get to your destination can be a risk so have your florist make up a silk bouquet before you go

Flowerbug – Stand 76

Red Floral Architecture – Stand Feature Stand
Image: Claudia Rose Carter Photography

Red Floral Architecture – Stand Feature Stand
Image: Teresa C Photography

Red Floral Architecture – Stand Feature Stand

Little Eden Flowers – Stand 182

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