Children or no children at your wedding?

Children or no children at your wedding? This is the big question many couples face when planning their wedding, so what are the options and what do you need to consider.

The Venue

On average, guests numbers at a wedding are normally 80 in the day and 120 at night and if you have picked a small wedding venue with a limited capacity, including children or not is a tough decision to make. Do you sacrifice inviting friends to fit the children in? Do you not invite children? Or do you look for another venue?


Planning a wedding can be a costly affair and even though many venues charge children’s meals at a reduced rate, there is still a cost implication.

Friends and Family

If you are inviting children, do you limit it to just children of your family members and risk your friends not being able to attend the wedding as they don’t have anyone to mind their children or are you actually closer to your friends then your family so you invite your friends’ children and risk upsetting your family?


Weddings can be a long day for children but with many couples the wedding just wouldn’t be the same without children, and many couples already have children of their own so not inviting children just doesn’t make sense.  But, asking your child to ‘behave’ for the entire wedding day is a huge ask – children get bored, frustrated and children are children … they don’t understand there aren’t supposed to throw themselves into the chocolate fountain or photo bomb every photo, so how do you entertain them?

Child Minding Service

Bring in a qualified child-minding service such as Cherub Event Minders.

Cherub Event Minders take the stress away by offering a full day, half day or evening babysitting service. The Event Minders arrive with toy boxes full of goodies to keep the little ones entertained whilst the adults relax. Craft and outdoor activities can be arranged at your request.  Your minders will supply age appropriate toys, games and equipment to keep the children occupied throughout the day/night and will set up all their toys using whatever space is available, be it outdoors, a side room or even a separate building.

All of their Nannies are pre-screened prior to any placement, whether they are temporary/ permanent nannies, part-time/ full-time / baby-sitters and include all the checks you would expect such as

  • DBS ( Disclosure and Barring Service) previously known as a CRB enhanced disclosure ( police check)

  • Qualifications certificates reviewed ( Nanny qualification, DBS Certificate, First Aid certificate

  • References are checked verbally with Referees.

Derek Gustard is a magician specialising in bewildering sleight of hand close-up magic and humorous and entertaining cabaret magic.  He can entertain your guests during the wedding breakfast, mingle with the evening crowd or spend time with the little ones keeping them amused.
Both Cherub Event Minders and Derek Gustard Magician will be exhibiting at The Liverpool & North West Wedding Show in January.

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