From model to mum for the Face of The Liverpool Wedding Show

Since the very first show back in 2010, we have made sure each show is different, we’ve added new elements, introduced feature areas, increased exhibitor capacity and done whatever we can to make each show unique from the previous show –  with one exception…the ‘face’ of The Liverpool Wedding Show has been consistently at every single show.

Carly was introduced to us at the first casting and we immediately fell in love with her unique style and look.  We’ve used a number of different choreographers over the last 10 shows but we have ensured Carly was in the line-up at every single show.


The show in January this year was a little different because Carly found out she was expecting her first child just before the show and for those of you who came to January’s show, you would have seen Carly strutting her stuff as usual, but with her a difference as her daughter was also on the catwalk.



So we are absolutely delighted to announce that Carly will not be taking part in September’s show because she gave birth to the gorgeous Kiki Marie this morning – and our superstar model has now become a superstar mum.

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Carly and Philip, we are sending you a huge congratulations from all the Bliss team and Carly we are sending you an even bigger thank you for making our catwalk shows what they are, you really do rock!

Enjoy your life as a Mum…. but we do expect to see you back on the catwalk for January’s show 🙂

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